Waukesha State Bank
in Our Community

As The Leader in Community Banking since 1944, Waukesha State Bank’s officers and employees alike proudly serve and volunteer for a wide variety of community, non-profit and civic groups throughout Waukesha County. The Bank also is proud of its partnership with these groups, and of our investment in the communities where we do business.

Each year we provide numerous non-profits, schools, churches, civic groups and other community-based organizations with support in a variety of ways—from sponsorships and silent auction donations, to free ticket printing, community notes ads in local newspapers, employee volunteers, and more. It is with great pride that Waukesha State Bank and our employees serve our community-based groups through our daily work, volunteer time and financial resources.

Included in the “Community Resources” on this page are just a few of the resources available that make Waukesha County a great place to live, work and play.

Community Resources